How Does the App Developer Handle Compatibility Issues?

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An app developer working for android devices can offer software capable for running across multiple devices. These can be your ever-present tablet, Smartphone, and even television sets, these days. The time is ripe for developers who can obtain a huge market base with the right kind of app; especially those with cross browser applicability. When would an app prove to be successful on the device? This can only happen when it is capable of tolerating feature variability, to a certain extent, while offering flexibility of user interface. It signifies that the application created by an App Developer In Adelaide is able to adapt seamlessly with variable screen configurations. 6 In order to achieve this goal, android comes powered with dynamic application framework for developers to use. This way you will be able to provide app resources that are configuration specific, associated with static files. One example of this is XML layout related to varying screen sizes. After this, android will load appropriate resources depending upon the current configuration of devices. Now, the app developer just needs to use some forethought regarding design, and with some additional resource, publish APK for optimal user experience across different devices. Those who want to can specify controls and feature requirements, to determine device types that would be able to install the apps you develop. So, how is this possible? How are you going to ensure that the apps developed will reach the right markets? Controlling device availability, android supports multiple features for your app to leverage via platform APIs. Features associated with these can be software or hardware based. There are others that are platform version dependent. After all, not every feature is going to be available on every device. Based upon required features, an app developer in Adelaide can control its availability. Would you not like to attract a huge user base for the app you develop? This is a common desire, and you can achieve this purpose by supporting a maximum number of device configurations, using single APK. Most developers disable optional features during run-time, while providing alternatives for app resources, related to different configurations. Restriction of availability to various devices is possible using characters such as,

  • Platform version
  • Device features
  • Screen configuration

Non-technical control for devices – Legal and business reasons could force restriction of app availability on specific devices. In order to achieve this, the app developer uses filtering options like those available in Google Play. Such options remain present inside developer console so that you can control availability based upon non-technical reasons. Technical compatibility filtering like hardware component requirements will depend upon content information within the APK file. Android is capable of running across various device configurations,but some features may not remain available upon all these devices. It is up to the developer to tackle these compatibility issues to expand the reach of the app. It is important to ensure that the apps can be upgraded with the OS updates. Visit our website


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