How Do App Developers in Brisbane Submit Apps to the App Store?

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Smart phones are the new world, and the developers on mobile platforms are lured, as the demand for the apps is increasing rapidly in the market. The two competitors of the mobile operating system, that is the iOS and the Android, have introduced numerous apps which have made things easier in the e-commerce world. They provide one of the best services in mobile application development, and there are plenty of companies providing these facilities. To have an app for your business, you do not need to have the technological knowledge of developing an app. The App Developers In Brisbane help you in this process. Speak to a designer and make a template or a design ready, as how your app should look.


Submitting Applications

Submitting your ready app into the Google play store is different from submitting it in the i Connect App Store. The app itself will be built on a different language, as Apple accepts only codes written in the standard Objective C language, and integrated through Apple’s Xcode. This language is unique and will not allow performing on other platforms like the Android or the Windows. Hence the first step in designing an app is to decide on which platform you wish to build it.

Submitting iOS App to the App Store

  1. Before you go any further, it is important to know that submitting an app in the Apple I store has a yearly subscription fee of about $99. To submit an app you should be a registered iOS developer.
  2. Make sure your app is well tested on all kind of Apple devices, old and new. If the app has any minor issues, crashes or if it is slow, then it needs to be reworked. Because luckily if the app gets published, issues can still be spotted by customers and users. Therefore, business can go down when that happens, with customers leaving bad remarks.
  3. Get a thorough knowledge of the app store developer guidelines, which are iOS Human Interface Guidelines, and App Store Review Guidelines.
  4. To submit an app for review you need to have a valid app ID, provisioning profile, and a distribution certificate.
  5. The next step is to configure your build design settings in the Xcode
  6. Make sure you write a few notes in the deployment target, at the every target Xcode project.
  7. Provide appropriate icon sizes and screen shots.
  8. Keep all the details of the application ready, and also provide the details to the review team; to check if there is any signs in the process.
  9. Visit iTunes Connect and submit your app by filling in all the necessary details such as the pricing, basic information and metadata.
  10. Once all the details are filled you will see a ready to upload binary button.
  11. Create an archive of your application.

Select your archive and submit it through distribution. During this process the application will be validated, and it will show if there are any errors that can be corrected before submission; or else the review team can reject your app. Visit Appster for latest updates.


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