Working With IOS 7 iPhone App Development

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Every new version of iOS brings with it loads of new features and capabilities for the users to enjoy and developers to use. One can not expect any less from iOS 7 in iPhone App Development. With enhanced security features, and loads to do, professionals and their customers are raving about this another addition to the Apple family. One of the major concerns for both individuals and business has to do with personal data safety. Transactions online require divulging of crucial information. With the spurious elements constantly on the lookout for intercepting these, iPhone app development needs to tighten up the associated security levels as much as possible.

This and more is possible with iOS 7. For the developers it means convenient support for their projects, as they do not have to maintain, develop multiple versions for running on varying hardware sets. This development has also given the platform an edge over its neck-and-neck rival, android. Not everybody is capable to purchase the latest iOS device the makers have made it compatible with many of the older hardware versions as well. This way, users can keep on using their existing device, simply upgrade to the latest versions without problems. One can enjoy the latest features related to security and usability without investing in a new phone model. This naturally is a big point in favor of iPhone app development related to iOS 7.

In this regard, it is important for you to know that certain features Siri may not run on the old hardware. Because of such issues, the manufacturers have discontinued certain devices from their series such as iPhone 4. Those owning anything from iPhone 4S onwards do not have any need to worry because Siri runs perfectly on every other device. Creation of iPhone app development has loads of scope. Developers today have the independence to bring their ideas to life without worrying about compatibility.

In this regard, for now android somewhat lags behind as these run on operating system multiple versions. Many of the users still have the older versions of this platform such as Gingerbread and Android 2.3. Ice Cream Sandwich, one of their latest versions has not yet gained such acceptability. Most of the users are still stuck with the older versions. A recent market study reveals that only 20% of people have switched to ice cream sandwich with adults preferring to stick with their existing phones. This is a natural phenomenon and given the fact that most of the android users residing in the developing world.

Those looking to give the best through iPhone app development should study the market thoroughly. What kind of demands do the users have? Anything over an iPhone 4S and you can offer iOS 7 without issues. Thus, consider this important aspect as a developer when you are building apps. It will help the developers ensure two versions for older and new iOS. Click Appster for more information


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