Are Android Developers Getting The Best From Marshmallow 6.0

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For the android developers, Marshmallow 6.0 packs a lot of punch. It brings with it brand-new capabilities and features with numerous changes related to API behavior and the system. The platform changes will have an impact on the already developed and in use applications. Some of these are the following.


Runtime Permissions

This introduces new model of permissions allowing users to manage the app permissions directly at runtime. For the users this means improved control and visibility of permissions. This also allows Android Developers to streamline auto update and installation processes. The power rests upon the users to revoke or grant permissions related to the installed apps on their devices. As a result, only the best software will have the chance to survive in the market place with others simply perishing unknown. Even those apps that do not target this all-new android 6.0 need to test their software against these new norms of permission.

Apps Standby And Doze

Power saving new optimizations becomes available with this fantastic introduction in the market. This is great for both apps and related devices. Such features are relevant for all applications and it is important for the android developers to test these in the new modes.

  • Doze: this feature means that when users unplug device or leave this stationery, screen off means the device will go to the doze mode after some time. Here the system will try to remain in a complete sleep mode. Even here, the device will resume operations periodically for a brief period to allow synchronizing of the apps. Also, any pending operations related to the system will occur during this time.
  • Standby: another newly introduced feature, the intelligent system is capable to determine when application remains idle. This happens when users do not touch specific apps for definite periods. In case of unplugged devices, system will disable the network access, suspending jobs and syncs for any app that it thinks is idle.

Android developers need to have full knowledge regarding such changes related to improved power saving in the new Marshmallow 6.0. That is why you need to hire experienced developers that understand all aspects of the latest release.

HTTP Apache Client’s Removal

With the new release, there is no more support for HTTP Apache client. Those still using this with android 2.3 of API 9 levels or more may use HTTP URL Connection. This reduces the use of networks being an efficient API through response caching, transparent compression, and minimal consumption of power. Android developers need to make full use of SDK manager for downloading SDK Android 6.0 Platform with System Images.

Fingerprint Authentication

This brand-new version supports fingerprint authentication through scan on the supporting devices. Besides this is also allows confirmation of the credentials for effective device safety. The app will authenticate the users based upon the last time they unlocked the device. To learn more visit Appster


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