Checklists For App Development Companies Before Program Submission

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App Development Companies are forever looking to introduce new programs for their users. Besides the optimization techniques to increase the chances for the apps, it is important to do a market survey and homework to give it a fighting chance. With competitions increasing, one cannot take even a single aspect lightly when it comes to creating software and unleashing it on the world. Avoid disappointments and lackluster responses by considering this checklist below.

App Development Companies

  • App name reservation: modern app centers allow you to reserve the primary name of your program. App development companies should make the most of this.


  • Get catchy title: an attractive name for the app can work wonders. It should be interesting enough to compel the users to look more closely and initiate downloads.


  • Category selection: accurate categorization is most important otherwise you may confuse the users. This can also lead to loss of sales as people would not look at your app in that category.


  • Relevant keyword use: it will not do to ignore optimization as it can seriously ruin its download chances. With high competition, you do not want the program to come last in the search results.


  • Package target verification: version package for the higher platform must be superset of version package related to lower platform.


  • App identity sharing: it is important to share the identity of the app in Windows phone and Windows store. Successful app development companies never ignore this aspect.


  • Right pricing model selection: one can choose from anyone between two different pricing models – in-app purchase or free. Choose the one that best suits your purpose.


  • Mobile marketplace billing: Carrier-billing support is a good input to use in developing countries. This is important, as use of credit card is quite limited here.


  • Promotion strategy: the most effective promotion strategies will surely give your app a fighting chance and bring it in limelight. App development companies can ensure even 1 million downloads on the very first day this way.


  • Use of beta testers with Microsoft account: Microsoft account is important with beta users. This allows you to add them in the list of access control related to the app.


  • Appropriate certificate: you need to make your app look reliable so that maximum number of users can download it without apprehensions. Certificate such as those related to game rating and push notification are useful to have in this regard.

Here you should note that certification takes some time. Even delays are common. Ideally, you should keep aside minimum five days for the approval process before the users find it in the marketplace. Experienced app development companies understand all the hitches and glitches that accompany the creation, marketing and launch of the programs. Time reduction is possible if you adhere by the guidelines of an App Store. When you abide by all the rules, your app can turn out to be the fastest selling app. Visit Our Website.


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