What Can Google Glass Developer Expect?

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Google Glass developer has the chance to use this new age platform to create something new and exciting for their users. With time, the takers for virtual reality are going to explode increasing the opportunities further. Since this is still in the incipient stages, one has to work quite hard, test the waters, and do lots of homework before they can attain success. Being still new with constant addition of exciting features the options and capabilities for Google Glass developer is increasing every day. The best way is to do a thorough research to find out about all the tools and resources that can aid you in the process.

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Use of Mirror API is the only way today that the developers can create applications for this platform. In the coming times however, the playing field will open up significantly with the introduction of associated SDK by Google, Development Kit for Glass. Until this happens, the challenge lies before the professionals to not only create programs that will appear beautiful but will also work effortlessly. The user interface associated with this is still less intuitive than desirable. One needs to persist with the platform and take time to learn. Its beauty is that once you get its hang it will become very interesting quite quickly for the Google Glass Developer.

Once this happens, you will realize the wonderful potential of this technology. Developers may use subscription and location to increase the interest part of their project. This happens through use of common technologies such as,

  • OAuth
  • JSON
  • Rest

Until now, native APIs related to this platform are not available that allows you to work off-line or access associated hardware. This will cease to be an issue once the related Development Kit comes along. Besides the fantastic tech aspects, one also needs to consider the UX, UI, and graphic design associated with the platform. Compared to the other modern day screens, here, Google Glass developer have to deal with limitations related to the screen size. In order to make the most of this unique platform you need to present something highly simple, as only this will work effortlessly and without hitches.

Single videos, images, simple HTML with some text is the way to go for now. Whatever is available on display are the cards. Its shape resembles more to the television screen compared to your computer or the phone. It is possible to paginate, thread, or bundle these cards. Tricky to use but these prove to be super powerful once you start getting comfortable. Google Glass developer has to walk a tightrope no doubt with experts recommending just few characters for menu or prompt items. Single cards ideally should contain many possible menu items.

With plenty of scope for development of apps for the Glass, Google has some of the very best developers working on cutting edge technology to make the Glass more affordable and widespread. Visit Our Website.


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