Are App Development Company Using Phone Gap?

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PhoneGap works well for both enterprises and small businesses. It allows the app development company to use single code sets for all mobile devices they target. Cross-platform compatibility is an extremely desirable feature in mobile development. Professionals can use PhoneGap to develop native apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without losing application features. This framework also supports cloud-based solutions and developers can build upon this. Browser view works as UI layer and described best as Chrome less. It renders the HTML content doing away with the window decorations related to traditional web browsers. App Development Company can build programs benefiting from the space. It is also possible to build interactive and navigational content element with user interface based upon HTML and CSS.

PhoneGap web view has complete similarity with native OS. Output for iPhone is IPA file, for android APK file, and for Windows it is XAP file. The formats of app packaging are same to that of native app. This facilitates easy distribution through appropriate ecosystem. The many advantages and advanced features associated with this framework make it a darling of developers especially in relation to enterprise mobility. The main concern is support for the application with launch for both iOS and android devices. This can widen the reach of the app considerably, helping the businesses target a larger audience.

App Development Company now finds it easier to build application for every platform using native platforms like Java for android and Objective-C for iOS. Earlier it meant the maintenance of four separate code sets for long-term use. It works as a wrapper for web view of the device. Thus, creation of one base code for all four platforms becomes possible. Developers can now utilize their existing skills for app building purposes. First, they will determine whether the framework supports the required features for the particular program. Once satisfied they may progress with the project.

Some required features by App Development Company include,

  • Validation of Internet connectivity: the user should have easy access to data online
  • List View: using this common design element one can go down the list to view details
  • Animations: this offer inter screen usage; sometimes, upon item selection list view can give way to detailed view
  • SDK support for Facebook: the platform offers interface enabling app login via Facebook account
  • Device detection: it identifies the device upon which the program runs along with supported features
  • Notifications: these are crucial even when the application is not in use
  • Geolocation: it involves location specific user information

App Development Company can use PhoneGap to get native support for all these features via web view through CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Application development that uses this platform contains static user interface based upon HTML. It also offers interactive and dynamic experiences using JavaScript. Such are the advantages that vibrant projects nowadays simply cannot do without PhoneGap. For latest updates visit Appster


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